Collaboration (Day 1)

ImageA little before the 2013-2014 school year ended, I was one of 14 students to be accepted into the 1st annual Innovation Diploma Cohort at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. This diploma is something entirely different from what any other school is doing right now, but the best part is that as students, we are getting to design it. We know that we will be working together as innovators to go out into the world and make a difference (or a “dent” as we say), but beyond that, who knows what we will do and where we will go. The sky is the limit, and our first task was to pick an innovator for our cohort to be named after.

As of a few days ago, it was officially announced that this year’s cohort will be called the “Walt Disney Cohort”. I was extremely excited to find out this news today because it showed the power of collaboration. Before we all had our interviews in pairs about how we imagine this diploma looking, some of us in the cohort got together and discussed who we wanted to be our innovator, and we decided on Walt Disney. We then went into the interviews with the numbers on our side, because the more people suggesting the same person, the higher the odds. Sure enough Walt Disney won!

Isn’t the power of team work just incredible? It is amazing what people of any age can accomplish by just communicating with one another.


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