What Happened to the Smiles?


(The beginnings of the now traditional πnya pose.)

 Today our internet and T.V. weren’t working, so instead I found an old DVD that my mom made for my 5th grade class. The DVD is a slideshow with pictures from Kindergarden to 5th grade on it, and it also has songs playing in the background to make it extra sad.

While watching this video I noticed how we were always smiling. If you go into a high school classroom, more likely than not you will find several students not smiling. What changes? Are the students or the classes responsible for the loss of smiles?


(Science night 2nd grade)

For one thing, the types of activities definitely change. Back in elementary school I had book character dress up days, crazy hat days, colonial day, Hawaiian day, a Groundhog day performance, Fine Arts Night (which was like a giant talent show), The Fall Family Dance (Halloween night), Science Night, Field Day, Winter parties, plus all of our end of the year celebrations.


(Groundhog Day 2nd grade)


(Fine Arts Night 3rd grade)


(Hawiian Day 2nd grade)


(Field Day 5th grade)

 Every year there were new exciting activities that we would look forward to. These special days were educational, but also entertaining. We would usually dress up and then there would be all sorts of interactive activities like touching animals, doing science experiments, making arts and crafts, trying to play instruments, etc.

Why is it that when we get older these events just disappear? I may have a younger spirit than most kids my age, but I know plenty of people who still like to dress up funny, try new things, and learn by doing and experiencing.

 Sometimes I wish I could go back to Kindergarden, when everyone played pretend, and everyone was friends.


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