What if Architecture… ?



(The Discovery Center at South Lake Union building)

People never really have a break from work because the mind is always wondering and there are always things that need to be done.

Today our internet got fixed at the house, so I was able to start my pre-course work for Nerd Camp (the Duke TIP program). I have been going every summer since 7th grade, but this year I’m doing a slightly different type of course. It is called a Field Study rather than a Summer Study, but I can’t figure out any major differences yet besides that it is only 2 weeks instead of 3. (When I go in about 2 weeks now, I will be sure to blog about it.)

However, it is Nerd Camp none the less, and this is the first time that I need to have a 5 minute presentation prepared before the term begins, which I will present that first Monday. The course is called Sustainable Architecture: Living Green/Building Green, so today I did some research about the  Discovery Center at South Lake Union (The Miller|Hull Partnership) and other architecture concepts.

Discovering about architecture today made me think about the architecture here in Atlanta and specifically my own school and other places that I’m frequently at. How might we make the architecture we experience everyday more useful to our needs?

What if walls were made out of glass so we could write on them with expo markers? What if buildings were all raised up by concrete pillars so that there would be room for nature to go undisturbed underneath? What if tables slid in and out of walls or floors or even ceilings? What if gym floors could slide away to reveal grass underneath allowing for outdoor sports to practice inside on grass? What if ceilings were made of durable bars with hooks allowing for 3D displays to hang from them? What our school had a parking deck that had an underground tunnel (or above ground) leading to the school in case of rain? What if there was a kitchen in the middle of the lunchroom so that food lines could be on multiple sides of the kitchen, freeing up space and time in line? What if the legs of desks were adjustable for different sized people, and allowing for them to be easily stacked on top of each other to free up space in the room? What if chairs all reclined?

I know those don’t directly correlate with architecture, but that’s just a prime example of how the mind can wonder, always leaving more work needing to be done.


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