Success and Failure


(My brother, Cadyn, keeping score for flag football at the Special Olympics.)

Today marks the first full week that I have been blogging, yay!!!!!! However, I am sad to say that I also failed in my challenge since yesterday I did not post a blog. 😦 I even had one all thought out too, but I never wrote it. So, I decided I would do two today to try and make it up. (The one that was suppose to be yesterday is titled “The Power of Perception”.)

Anyway, my success and failure of today and yesterday seemed to fit very well with what I did today; I got to watch the Special Olympics in Georgia. Now this event isn’t like the normal Olympics where you need specific requirements to qualify. Everyone is invited, all ages, all levels, all you have to do is have special needs and sign up.

My family gym, Jump Start Gymnasium, was invited to help volunteer at this event as “fans”. Basically we were there to cheer these kids on to make them feel like it was the real olympics. It was such a great experience! Sure they might have not been elite level athletes, but they went out on the field, or mat, or court, and tried there hardest and always had a smile on their faces. These kids didn’t care about winning or losing, it was just about working hard and having fun, and it’s too  bad that everyone can’t always have that outlook on life.

Life will bring challenges and sometimes you will succeed, and sometimes you will fail, but the important thing is to always keep going strong afterwards, and from the words of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, “Think positive!”


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