The Power of Perception


“The power of perception is infinite.”- Annabel Soutar

Yesterday, (tear that I forgot to blog then), I saw Maleficent, and it was amazing! Don’t worry there will be no spoilers for today at least. I just always get intrigued by this style of theater. Wicked my favorite non-Disney musical, is MIND BLOWING, because it makes you think and question everything you already know about good, evil, and the world. Then the creators of Maleficent realized how great of an idea it is to create an entire movie from the “villain’s” perspective, so they did too.

If movies and musicals can become great hits by just taking a story and telling it from a new perspective, imagine what could happen in life if everyone took the time to examine situations from other perspectives. As shown by Wicked and Maleficent, we would probably come to learn that everyone is not what they seam, and sometimes a “bad guy” might not be all that bad.

Then this brings up the whole debate about “what is good and bad, and how can we define the difference?”

I don’t think there is a “good” answer to that question. (I don’t know if you actually found that funny, but I really crack myself up sometimes!)

Words are all relative, and they always will be, so maybe this debate isn’t worth having. This is why words can be so powerful.  It truly comes down to how you interpret stories and what situation you are making an opinion about, but there is definitely a special power that comes with being able to examine stories from multiple perspectives.

It makes you more likely to question the nature of things. And, change always starts with a question.

I’m having one of those moments now where I don’t really know where I was going with this yesterday, but at the same time this is one of those topics that may not need be taken any further right now. Instead, I will ponder more about the ideas of perception, good, and evil, and maybe some day I will come back to it if I have a new thought.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Perception

  1. Anya,

    There is such wisdom here about the power and importance of perspective consciousness. To take time and effort to examine different points of view – that posture is invaluable. Thanks for thinking out loud and sharing your reflections.

    By the way – here is what will keep me thinking a lot today… “everyone is not what they seam.” You used the homonym of “seem,” and you have me thinking about how we are and are not what we “seam” together in our lives. Fascinating!

    Mr. A

  2. Today at Nerd Camp we did a R.A.F.T. (role, audience, format, topic) project. This was just another good example of how an opinion can change depending on your perspective.

    We had about 45 minutes to brainstorm the main points of our topic as a group, and then prepare our individual presentations in whatever format we had.

    I was a member of the community of Mid-City, New Orleans, that wrote a newspaper article to other members about the cons of building a architectural salvage in replace of houses the got destroyed by a flood in a specific neighborhood. This was my 20 minute ruff draft:

    As a mother of the Mid-City community, I do not want a junk yard moving in. Home is a place for living. I’ve already had a hard time dealing with the current events, and I do not want a bunch of noisy construction outside of my house just to build a place that will sell us a bunch of routined materials. These big business robber barons are going to come in a make a bunch of commotion over nothing because they want MONEY! If you want to live in a nice, safe, quality home in our friendly neighborhood, I urge you to reject this monstrous idea.

    Before there is a building, there is construction. Construction requires noisy machines, big trucks and materials that destroy the elegant look of our neighborhood, and dangerous equipment. I would not feel safe allowing my youngest child, who just turned 5, to play outside knowing that she could easily be hurt by a number of tools and strange people that I know nothing about. Isn’t it my job to get my children interested in the outdoors? And why shouldn’t I be able too? So outside business men can make money. These people don’t have any respect for our community, and they won’t be creating the jobs some people may lie to you about. Don’t for a second think that these companies don’t already have an entire staff ready to come in and add their destructive “help” to the matter.

    The whole reason we have this problem is because the houses were RUINED! Recycled does not mean sustainable. The materials in the houses were not made to last several lives, and that’s without being in a flood. The materials they are trying to sell are not worth using because they are already destroyed. It’s all just a big scam for undeserving people to make a buck off of our junk.

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