Water, Water Everywhere!



After church today my family went out for lunch at 5 Seasons. I moved my water cup and the picture above shows what happened.The water formed a bubble like consistency between the diamond holes on the table.

My science teachers will be proud to know that the first thing I thought was how awesome the properties of water are which allow it to do this. The capillary action property allows the water molecules to attach to other molecules (the metal) as well as water molecules, so the water can form this bridge like structure over the gaps.

How often do you just wonder about water? Humans are made of about 70% of water, and the world is also filled with about 70% of water. Have you ever thought about that? Is it a coincidence that it takes the same amount of water for the world to function as it does for a human?

Water is powerful. It can destroy cities, or it can make them. It can be the cause of life or death.  In every drop of water there is an ecosystem waiting to be discovered with plants, animals, and structures of all kinds.

Water is beautiful. After rain, comes a rainbow. Under the sea, there is a whole new world with new horizons to pursue. (Yes, these are both Disney song references.) Water reflects light to brighten the sky and show off the beauties of nature. Sure it can abstract your vision at times, but that’s why we have abstract art: to bring a new perspective to a traditional picture.

Water is mysterious. Less than 5% of the worlds oceans have actually been explored. That is 65% (really like 66.5% if you take 5% out of 70) of the world that we know nothing about. Isn’t that crazy? That’s like saying that you don’t know anything about over half of yourself. Then again, “The fun is in the mystery,” and as Albert Einstein once said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

Water is all around us. In our body, and in our world water is everywhere. Rain, rivers, ponds, lakes, oceans, they all have water and with it a world of questions and possibilities.


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