Time is a Wonderful Thing


Ah summer. Finals are finished, school is over, and you finally think you have a break with time to relax; then you realize that you really don’t.

For me summer is full of trips, camps, and lots of time spent at the gym so there isn’t much down time. Today was the first day of team summer practice, so there are a lot of new “little bits” which are the young girls that are now starting team for the first time. For them, and all of the other team girls, the summer will mainly be spent at gyms training for next fall and competition season.

Summer is thought of as the time when everything will slow down and life will be less stressful, but it seems like everyone is already thinking about the fall, and you haven’t helped with a summer camp if you think it isn’t stressful. Gymnastics, school, work, all of summer is just training and preparation to get back into the “normal” flow of things.

So much is going on all of the time, and every now and then it would be nice to just stop. But stopping takes up time, and if we take the time to stop then we are missing out on other things that could be happening.

All school year we think and dream of summer, then all of the summer we think and dream about the school year and what new things will come. I know I may not be the average kid since I enjoy school, but even those kids that don’t particularly like school think about the school year over the summer; even if they are bad thoughts.

I’ve noticed that humans just always need something to think about, so often times that means thinking about the future and what to look forward to. This is where motivation came from, because human nature is to constantly think, and when you can think about whatever your “prize” is that is waiting for you after the long journey is over it makes all of the work worth it.

Summer is the time of adventures, exploring what is out in the world that you really enjoy. Then you come back to the fall with a good basic foundation to start the school year ready for action. It is almost like the true beginning of the year is the summer because it is when you really start learning and preparing for the next year.

Summer will fly by, but if you spend your time correctly, then you will be all ready for the rest of the year. Make the most of your summer and remember, “carpe diem,” seize the day (ha to anyone that says that you never use Latin!) because time is valuable thing that you can’t get back.

Tic toc, tic toc…


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