It is the nature of the world to be Secret

Today was a lay back and relax kind of day. I woke up late, ate, read a lot, made cookies, and now I’m blogging. Nothing too exciting went on here, but I did finally finish reading Wicked.

(Plus, it was a choice for a summer reading book this year which was nice since I was going to read it anyway.)

With the end of the book there was more talk about the whole “good versus evil” thing, so I figured now would be a good time to bring that up again. This one paragraph specifically caught my attention:



This excerpt didn’t change my opinions on the topic (in the idea that words are powerful and difficult to define), but I really liked the way it was worded, and the idea of a secret.

 It just goes to show how humans don’t know everything and we never will, but that doesn’t stop us from wondering and imagining anyway. (“It is the nature of the world to be secret”; time, water, good, evil, words…)

Also, shout out to my friend Marisa ( ) who recently wrote a really good post on perception as well. (And also talked about Wicked; great minds think alike!)


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