My summer adventures have continued, today I’m in New York!!!!!!

It took me two plane rides to get here, since I stopped in Charlotte, and on the first plane the people really surprised me. The flight attend had told one guy that he needed to put his carry on under the seat (the same as any airline). This was understandable because sometimes people don’t know how close to take off, so they have their bag out for whatever reason.

But then the flight attendant had to tell another three or four people after that. Eventually the lady had to go on the intercom and make an announcement because people just could not follow directions. You would think that if she told the person in front of you, the same rule will apply to you, but people can be so absent minded sometimes.

I guess this just really bothered me because these are suppose to be adults, and adults are suppose to know how to follow directions. Now why do I have to think like that?

Why is it that it is believed that children can’t follow directions, and yet adults can? I know several children that can follow directions better than some adults.

It makes me feel overlooked I guess, and I wish this perception could change.

Exactly how to change it I have not yet figured out yet. You would think with all the great things that kids are doing now the perception should be changing some at least, and that’s a start. But like I said, it was my first day in New York, and I need time to ponder.



And this has nothing to with anything from above besides the fact that I’m in New York and wanted to point out how a good piece of pizza looks.



2 thoughts on “Directions

  1. “I guess this just really bothered me because these are suppose to be adults” As you and I both know being an “adult” does is only an age requirement. I always laugh when I see adults doing things that we frown upon if a child does it. The Pizza Slice is bigger than your head.

    1. That’s why I call that place “Face Pizza”. I don’t even know the real name of the restaurant, but it is across the street from my grandma’s house, so it isn’t hard to find.

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