Little Things


I hate being sick. I don’t know exactly how I got sick, but we think I have a virus; I have spent most of the day laying in bed, eating soup and tea, and reading. (Luckily there was no throwing up, just a fever with headaches and stomach issues.)

The slightly ironic part of all of it was that I was reading The Fault in Our Stars, which was amazing by the way! I recommend it to everyone. The sad irony, though, is that the book is all about cancer survivors, so it made my sickness seem quite minuet in comparison.

There are a lot of people suffering in this world. My aunt and her boyfriend are actually going to be traveling to Uganda to volunteer at an orphanage this Thursday. They will be gone for six weeks and I wish them the best of luck in their work. (If this interest you, they will both be keeping a blog while they are there: and )

The thing is that the real sad part about the world is how it is so difficult to help these countries and people in need. We had a conversation this past weekend about how much the people tax you when you bring supplies over to other countries. THEY ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU!! Something just seems messed up about that.

Then we had another conversation, prompted due to a video my aunt watched featuring a guy that wants to meet with her to talk about the trip and how he can help. We had a problem with his video though. He claimed, “First world problems are not real problems.”

I don’t agree with this statement. Sure there are people in the world that are suffering more than we are, and we should do everything we can to help them, but this doesn’t make everyday problems not a problem.

A problem occurs when something that matters to you is dismantled.

Getting grounded. Breaking a pencil. Losing a postcard. Twisting your ankle. Forgetting to do your homework. Missing a train. Having your phone die. Being hit. Arguing with a friend. Misplacing your keys. Receiving writers block.

I may not be dying of cancer, or in poverty, but being sick is still a problem for any human. Little things matter, because a bunch of little things can lead to a big thing, so don’t try to ignore them.



3 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Anya,

    I hope you feel better!

    I appreciate your post about problems and perspectives. Some of my graduate work in education centered on “perspective consciousness.” Our ability to zoom in and zoom out to gain different perspectives about problems is important, isn’t it?

    So, I offer the following, not to contradict your blog-post thinking, but to add to (“Yes, and…”) your riffing on perspective consciousness.

    Interesting piece about volunteerism, from a perspective:


    Danger of a Single Story:

    I’m Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much:

    Again, I offer none of this as debate. Rather, I think your writing on perspective is interesting, and it made me think of these other interesting commentaries on perspective.

    Yours in Associative Thinking and Other Innovators DNA Traits,
    Mr. A

    1. Isn’t the “Danger of a Single Story” done by a woman from Nigeria? If it is, I’ve seen that one. It’s really good and it was the video my sister and I used to introduce our family to TED Talks.

    2. Thanks for your “yes and”. I really enjoyed these articles. “The Danger of a Single Story” reminded me of a conversation, that I believe happened in English class, where we discussed human memory. At one point we brought up the idea of how humans often remember negative things over positive things because that is what the media more often showcases. To me this seems like a sad representation of human work in the world because it encourages this idea of “a single story”.

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