Animate Connections


Guess what? I’m still sick…

This post is in regards to a comment made about the “Animate” post. I did notice some connections between the blogs, TED Talks, The Fault in our Stars, and acro/gymnastics/dance videos that I watched and read yesterday.

On the obvious note, they are all forms of presentations trying to tell a story. So go figure that they all have to do with “perspectives”.

Several of the blog posts I read were talking about school and ideas for how to nurture students to become innovative learners. Ideas like transdisciplinary education, the social stigma of the word “awkward”, and The Independent Project were just a few of them. All of these ideas started by shifting from the average perspective of how humans look at school.

Then one of the TED Talks that I watched was about this lady in a wheel chair that wanted to point out that she wasn’t inspirational just because she was in a wheel chair. Like I said earlier The Fault in our Stars is also about disabilities. The interesting part is that when watching interviews with John Green and other cast members, they also really stress this idea that the teens have faults, but not because of their disabilities.  Both of these presentations were also about arguing how humans tend to perceive disabilities, just like how the blogs were arguing a new perspective on schooling.

Even several of the routines that I watched were trying to question the typical norms of dance. (Several of the video’s I watched had to do with America’s Got Talent, so this kind of goes back to the blog I did on that.) Dance is just another way to tell a story, but in a more kinesthetic way.

Everything I did yesterday was tied together because they were all different ways to look at stories, rather then the standard human perspective.


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