I’M FEELING BETTER!!!!!!! And I finally got to see The Fault in our Stars. It’s amazing how my body still feels a little out of it because I haven’t been walking around at all the last 5 days, but I instantly felt more alert and curious today. I observed all sorts of things today that may make it into later blogs, but for now I’m just anxious.

NERD CAMP STARTS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! (Lots of caps and exclamation points today.)

I’ve been sick for so long that I can’t help but thinking that there is still so much to do before tomorrow. What is stressing me out the most is this project that I have to present on the first Monday. Without actually having taken a class like this before, or being to the campus, and also not knowing anything about the teachers or students in the class, it makes sense that I should be nervous.

However, this got me thinking, what about every year when you move to the next grade. There is always that same kind of stress because of new classes and teachers, but for me, I’m staying at the same school, so why can’t we eliminate some of this stress?

In elementary school we would have a “Step Up Day.” Every grade in school would spend one day as if they were the next grade, and the eldest grade would get the day off. Why does this day go away? I think it would still be helpful in higher grades.

Basically the day would be like a mini orientation/first day of school kind of day. However, since specific classes and schedules aren’t known yet, the periods could just be shorter so that everyone has a chance to meet with all of the teachers possible for that grade.This could also help students when trying to decide what classes they would like to take for the next year.

The teachers could talk a little about what they expect and how a typical class usually goes, maybe even what supplies would be helpful so you can start getting stuff together and thinking about how you will stay organized. Then also

I just feel like summer brings so much time to get anxious about the next year when there are so many things that you don’t know what to expect about. It would be nice to get rid of some of the known unknowns for a change.


(I don’t know why these don’t go through when I post them from my phone.)

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