It’s official, I’M AT NERD CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was a day of travel and ice breakers/getting to know you games.

I love how I can come to a completely new campus with completely new people, and yet everyone seems like they have known each other for years. (Or at least have met before.)

A common thing to do at Nerd Camp, when not in a classroom, is to play ultimate frisbee. From the moment I arrived there were already people playing. We ended up having so many that we had to have 3 teams and we rotated off if your team lost. (My team kicked butt, we stayed on about 5 times in a row before coming off once!)

In the syllabus of TIP they specifically say that they want all students to fully participate in both the academic and social experience that TIP has to offer. I love how this is a goal of the program because there really is a greatness of the TIP community.

Most people don’t know anyone when they arrive, but after even just 2 weeks you become submerged into a a group of people that you never forget. I still email my fellow TIPsters from the last 2 years. (The big times are on Pi Day and Perfect Day.) There is also a TIPwiki page that TIPsters use to talk about different campus and terms, and also to talk about things like TIPappreshiation day.

The cool thing about that day is that I’ve heard of several people who find out about other TIPsters at their school that they didn’t know about.

Summer camp in general is such a great thing for students because you meet people from all over. People in my class this year are from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Florida, Louisiana, and some even right in Georgia like me. This goes back to my post about community, but also just learning to be independent.

Everyone in a field study is a high schooler, and we are all going to be living here for 2 weeks. Obviously there are adults around, but we really have to be fairly independent with getting stuff done and making sure we are on time everywhere.

Independency is a great skill for the future, but not everyone is as fortunate as I to get to go to a sleep away summer camp.  I wonder if learning to be independent could be more incorporated into school in a beneficial way. (I have more pondering to do I guess.)


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