Details and Popcorn


First off, happy Father’s Day to all fathers everywhere! I hope you are enjoying your day.


(These are my interesting drawings of popcorn. Left is from imagination and right is my amazing blob of actual pieces.)

Today was are academic orientation, so even though it was Sunday (meaning we had more free time then we knew what to do with), we met with our teachers and did a few starting activities.

One of our activities was about popcorn. First we all drew 3 pieces of popcorn from our memory. Then we each got 3 pieces and had to arrange them some how, and then draw them. We were looking at shape, size, shadow, composition, and all of those other little details. Then we stood and walked around the room to see everyone’s drawings.

The idea of the activity was to get us thinking about how important it is to see when designing, and to notice all of the little details. Most people had before pictures that were very simple. Basically one major blob with a few little blobs connected to it. Then the second pictures got more abstract. However, I tried to position my pieces next to each other  and they just became one giant blob. (Maybe my artistic skills will get better over the corse of these next 2 weeks. I hope so.)

Our mind can think really simply some times, but when you take the time to examine and actually look at physical objects, details that can make or break a design become more clear. So take the time to examine.


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