Today was my first full day of classes, and it was long. Today was mainly lectures and us presenting our pre-course projects about different sustainable buildings that are environmentally friendly. Then we also did some sketching and what I know as improv games, but we used them just to practice “yes and” thinking.

The other big thing we focused on today was biomimicry. This is when scientists look at nature and try to imitate it for engineer purposes. This made me think about how easy collaboration between different subjects at school should be based on how easy our TIP classes can be, and some will be.

I mean our architecture class was learning a ton of biology today, and there is an entire other class on genetics that could easily work with us to design a building using biomimicry.

We are going to work with the “Futures” class to design an inflatable building (a bouncy castle, we don’t lie to ourselves), and their class is all about innovation for the future as far as I know. (This was actually my first choice option, but I didn’t get it.)

The leadership class could be used is almost any call because when working on big group project you need someone to take charge as the person who makes sure things get done.

Then earlier today we were talking about how the architecture class talks about these great ideas and the reason they haven’t always happened yet is because of politics. Specifically the solar roadways was an awesome idea, this is the video our teachers showed us about them: . This could then be a topic that the Controversy in the Court/ Law class talks about.

Things in life tie together well, and specifically different types of people often come together to work on large scale projects, like with our bouncy castle which we haven’t started yet, but we are all super excited for. Maybe if school was more project based, we could find easier (not forced feeling) ways to tie together classes in a way where the different subjects really feel natural and beneficial to the material.




(Fibonacci spirals are a great example of biomimicry (I brought them up today), and I will eventually do a blog on these amazing numbers, but timing is everything.)

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