3D (and 3 Disney Movies)


(This is a picture of some random family at DIVE at Duke University.)

Being in an architecture class we talk a lot about 3 dimensional space. Today we learned that one of our instructors also runs a 3D printing store in Chicago and they have about twelve 3D printers there that they use for different projects.

Shout out to Mr. Edwards and the prosthetic project that we did at the end of the year because people really do projects like that. My instructor, Bobby, (Side note: I find it interesting how we call our instructors by their first name because it really makes it feel like they are more than just a teacher, but a friend that serves a mentorship role in our lives.) worked on a project designing a shoe like device for a professor that does not have legs or one arm.

They completed the task in about of week (rapid prototyping really is a skill that helps to be proficient at). The final product allowed the professor to walk on terrains that would usually be very difficult to walk on with prosthetics. The product was a 3D printed shoe like thing that attached to the bottom of the prosthetic.

I found the end product interesting because my group for the prosthetic project also looked at legs, but our end product was a peg leg. It’s amazing how many different end products can be created while looking at a similar circumstance.

Today we also experienced DIVE (Duke Immersive Virtual Environment). This was another 3D experience where we actually got to go inside of this big cube and see designs and rooms that were projected onto all sides of the cube. We also got to interact with the room. We could move things in the kitchen, play a racket ball game, move and organize data, fall off of a bridge, and more.

Bobby (the instructor) just to find out more, also asked a question about how 3D printing is affecting us, and if it is bad. The research he did found that there are harmful affects, and when he put his report online the media went crazy. He showed us a funny video where people referenced his report, and he sat there laughing on the side.

All of this said, technology has been advancing rapidly lately specifically in the field of 3D design. What really impacted me with all of this 3D stuff was at the end of Bobby’s presentation about 3D printing, when he pointed out that with the information he found he realized, “We are moving really fast with technology, and sometimes it is important to slow down and stand back to see what’s happenings.”










We also have had a lot of free time today because rain caused things to get canceled. Therefore, some of my friends and I have been watching Disney movies!!!!!

We watched Frozen because I’m going to play it on the flute at the talent show, so it was on our minds. We have also been in aw of this movie all week due to Elsa’s amazing ice castle in which we all imagine the day that we will be good enough with Sketch Up (the program we use) to build a model of the castle.

We then watched The Lion King because one girl hadn’t seen it, and it is my all time favorite movie, so this was not acceptable. In this movie we commented on how we will be forcing our children to watch the old classic Disney movies because this was our childhood.

Finally, we are currently watching Mulan in which we have been commenting on how Disney does a great job of incorporating different cultures (we noticed this in Frozen and The Lion King as well). Mulan, along with Frozen, also both demonstrate how independent will power can allow people to accomplish great tasks.

Moral of this part of the story: Disney is awesome.


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