Building and Failing


(My building day 1.)

Today we started working on building our individual project buildings on SketchUp. (By the way, the design is no longer a tree house.)

I know that I’ve said that SketchUp can be really annoying before, but today we all wanted to keep working after class was over anyway. Sometimes great challenges just make you excited.

I spent forever trying how to make a tree support with solar panels on it that go around the trunk based on the Fibonacci pattern. When I finally got it I was super excited! Then the program shut down before I saved it…

So then I had to make them all over again, which was disgruntling.

However, I the second time I did have a better idea of how to make the tree more efficiently. Then once I finished I was even more excited!

I still don’t have my entire design figured out yet, but I’m excited to keep playing with it and creating my house. It’s like how people say that it takes 3 days to get past this or that; it takes a couple of days to learn the basics, and then you can explore on your own. (And go figure, this goes for a lot of things in life.) It isn’t that once those initial days our done that you are stranded and thrown into shark infested waters. There are always people wandering around to help you when needed, but sometimes the best way to learn is trial and error through experience.

We did more hands on stuff today with different random objects and even trash where we were trying to build structures. (My group made an awesome porcupine that we later decided could be a pavilion if you really wanted it to be one.) This made me realize, we kids don’t know what we are doing, but we can have a great time trying to figure it out, and eventually we will. We just need the chance to fail first.

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