Saving a life on a Field Trip (with specified people)

My friends at here at Nerd Camp specifically asked to be mentioned by name after discovering that they have not been already specified on my blog. Therefore, here are some pictures of Kaylee, Delaney, Kathryn, Danny, Elija, Jenny, and Shalin. (Everyone but Delaney is also in my architecture class, so some of the other stories about class that speak of vague people probably involve one of them.)

Image Image ImageImage

Today was another field trip day. We went to the UNC library which was awesome! But, we weren’t allowed to talk because they really don’t like people being there that aren’t using the library. We ended up lasting there longer than we expected before getting kicked out though.


This library has a bookbot, so you can plug into the computer the book you like, and a machine then goes and gets it for you. This saves a lot of space that can be used for computers and big open seating areas.

We also went to an art museum, and an eco garden with an outdoor classroom. At the garden we also picked (and ate) some wild blackberries and saved a bird (we named it Steve) from where it was stuck in thorns.

It’s funny how we all had a bunch of fun when we are all so stressed about our final project which is due tomorrow at noon. (Which I should be working on now.) This just goes to prove that we should have more field trips at school. We get to learn and see innovative things happening around us, while also having fun and realizing our minds. We may even save a life.


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