I’m Late, I’m Late, For a Very Important Date!


Summer is such a crazy time because without school our schedules can always be different. I do a ton of fun stuff and am usually out of town, but it is always disappointing when I have to miss something because I’m already doing something else.

It reminds me of the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland that is always saying that he is late and has somewhere to be. There just isn’t time for everything.

For example, today I’m still at Nerd Camp which I love like crazy (tomorrow is the last full day which will be really sad 😦 ), but I’m also super jealous of everyone who got to spend the last two days at Fuse 14. (Which I would really like to hear more about if you attended.)

I’ve also missed multiple acro practices, and I will miss many more.

Then there is my TED Talk party I’ve been trying to plan, but the plan keeps changing because new things come up. My family just got invited last minute to go camping, so it might be pushed back a day now.

A while back my Girl Scout troop was trying to plan on going to see The Little Mermaid at the Fox. There was only one of the day options that I could go to, and that is the one we went with, and then I got invited to go with my cousins early to West Virginia for our family reunion at Capon Spring. (I can guarantee I will talk about these things more in the future.) I decided to see The Little Mermaid, one because I’ve always really wanted to see it, and two because I already missed bowling with my troop this summer.

Plus, when I went to New York I ended us missing a reunion of my old soccer team. (Well I think this happened, it wasn’t quite finished being planned last I knew, and I haven’t asked about it yet because I forgot.)

The summer gets overbooked all of the time because it the time of year where there is so much that you can do. This is because we don’t have school, but what if we could do all of these exciting, fun, learning things during school?

I mean today at Nerd Camp we had to finish our projects by noon so our instructors could make them all into a presentation for tomorrow. Then in the afternoon we backed up the class start time to watch the World Cup, and then, after taking the end of the course survey, we made bouncy castles! (We couldn’t actually bounce in it, but the structures were made of air. The pictures aren’t the best, but it was crazy at the time.)

Image Image Image

This design challenge was so much fun! It was also not traditional in the sense of my Tomato Sauce Theory post. We didn’t do any research ( I guess we did have a short lecture about modules before, but we didn’t do individual research) or have an end user, we were just given some supplies  and a challenge to make a standing structure with them that could then be attached to the other groups structure. (We had to figure out how to inflate the bags on our own, and there was a whole on each side.) I really think short design challenges like this should be more incorporated into school not just Nerd Camp.

Summer gets overbooked so easily, and we miss out on opportunities. I am a person of efficiency, so I don’t like missing things, especially when they specifically relate to me and things for the future. How might we spread the wealth of fun and learning, and make time for all of these activities?


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