Backwards to move Forwards

(Now imagine it is Sunday.) 


As I mentioned in the previous post, I was camping these last few days. First off, rain is annoying like crazy. My sister and I woke up at 3 am to find water somehow dripping on our head even with the rain covering, and the bottom of our air mattress was soaked. 

People get so use to the new technology we have, that we forget what it is like to live without it. We were invited to go with people that have a camper, so all of the parents got to sleep in side of it where there was also air conditioning. My mom pointed out that even though she is use to not having air conditioning when camping, she got spoiled and now it would be more annoying to camp without it. 

One thing I always find funny about camping is the foods that are considered “camping foods.” Why is there this idea that certain foods can only be made when camping? At Girl Scouts we once made this apple pie like thing, but we use crescent dough and then put apples with cinnamon and sugar in them. Then we bake it in the fire.  

My family has come to love these, and when ever we are somewhere with a fire we make them. However, we could also make them in the oven, but we don’t. 

It reminds me of the idea of how sometimes you have to move backwards to move forwards. (The funny thing is that my mom was just yelling at the team girls because they can’t figure out the difference between circling their arms backwards or forwards.) Maybe sometimes we have to take away technology to actually think of new advances. 

Innovation occurs when we find a better way to solve a problem. There was once the problem of being too hot. So fans were invented. Yes, fans worked to an extent, but air conditioning couldn’t be invented until someone went back and said “this is still a problem that can be better fixed.”  


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