Happy Perfect Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I know I did not blog the last 2 days, but that is because once again my family went on a spontaneous trip. This time we went camping. Therefore, I was trying to embrace the spirit by not texting, emailing, or blogging while I was there. I did think of posts though, so I will do 3 today. For this first one, pretend it is Saturday.


(This is the tau symbol which is the equivalent of 2π.)

Happy Perfect Day/2 Pi Day/Tau Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Again, I know that I did send emails to many people wishing everyone a happy Perfect Day, but that was earlier in the day.)

If you don’t know, Perfect Day occurs on June 28 (6/28) because 6 and 28 are the only 2 perfect numbers that are in our calendar. A perfect number is a number that equals the sum of its factors excluding the number itself. (6=1+2+3; 28= 14+7+4+2+1) 6.28 also happens to be 2 times pi, and 2 times pi is the same as tau.


Aren’t numbers just the coolest thing! Math is everywhere! That’s why I wanted my final project to have to do with the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence allows for the greatest amount of natural lighting, and it also uses numbers to make an awesome looking structure.

This is a picture of my final project from when we presented, but there is still so much I could, and would like to add to it.




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