Panda’s Won’t Go Extinct; Chunky Design Thinking


Today was my TED Talk “party”. (The quotations are because there were only 6 of us total including my sister and me.) The funny thing was that the idea came from the Innovation Diploma, but only one other girl is actually in it, the other people were just fellow nerdy friends of mine. Fair warning, we discussed a lot of interesting things, but the conversation went all over the place, so I’m having difficulties trying to word it. 

It was an interesting night to say the least. The first two TED Talks we watched we actually didn’t like very much because we didn’t appreciate the presentation. After those first two went bad, I decided we needed to watch one of my favorites that always causes discussion: The Tomato Sauce Theory TED Talk (that isn’t the actual name, but that’s what I call it.) 

Sure enough as soon as it was done we were discussing. The funny thing is that we went all over the place. I don’t even remember how the conversation started, but we discussed quite a bit about my blog and Marisa’s blog and also the camps we were both at for the last few weeks. (It’s easiest to talk about what you know about.) 

Marz and I were both at quite nerdy camps, and we happened to both be discussing environmental things. Therefore, this is where the conversation went. We discussed how Jurassic Park  could not actually happen, but at the time this is when GMOs were first being really looked into, and this was a common concern of people. (It’s funny how new technology can change opinions in such a relatively short amount of time. Jurassic Park came out in 1993.) 

However, scientist may be able to save endangered species, such as the panda bear which evolved wrong in our opinion. Their insides are meant to be for a carnivore, but they eat bamboo, so no wonder they get sick all of the time. The animals have almost gone extinct so many times,  yet as someone pointed out, they don’t really do much of anything for anyone.

The big problem is that a lot of animals are going extinct because of humans, but there are also some species that have evolved to humans, so they wouldn’t survive without humans, such as pigeons. Then with being in a sustainable architecture class, I pointed out how it is ridiculous how the more environmentally friendly things are currently more expensive.Then to tie it back to food, I tied in how this is the same problem with food. Fast food, which is worse for you, is cheeper, but the food that’s better for you is more expensive. If the world would change this then the over all population of humans would be healthier, and possibly happier too. 

After going back to food we discussed the ideas of the Tomato Sauce Theory again. We were trying to figure out what our “chunky design thinking process” would be. Sadly this idea didn’t really get brainstormed much, but we all agreed that maybe we need multiple choices for a process.

It was also interesting because the other girl in ID attended Fuse 14, and she is new to the school, so she has less experience with MVPS’s design thinking process. Like fellow members of my guinea pig history class, she and a few others that I know attended Fuse 14 found the packet to be a little long. I would love to see the latest addition myself. 

We didn’t have any sort of plan going into this, but by watching other people with big ideas talk, we were able to go on an adventure of out own. We discussed panda bears, extinction, GMOs, buildings, tomato sauce, environmentally friendly technology, design thinking, innovation, and much more. Impromptu discussions can often lead to great communication of ideas.

I think I got a lot more out of us getting together then I can even describe in words, but I personally thought it was great fun and great thinking. 


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