USA lost the soccer game today. 😦 (Yes, I watch the World Cup.)  I was at a restaurant with my parents and some other coaches from the gym to watch it, and it got intense there. The team was doing a pretty awful job at possessing the ball, and then they couldn’t finish. My mom said it was funny how even the professionals, that are the best in the country, struggle with the same things that my team struggles with.

They just hesitated to often and when you get that close to the goal you don’t have to pound it. Just a simple pass to the corner works fine. Sometimes it is the spontaneous, little, you might even say “bad”, shots that are most likely to go into the net, because no one, including the goalie, is expecting it.

After the game their was a meeting at the gym for summer camp staff. We talked about getting really excited and involved in themes that we are going to start in order to really make the kids enjoy themselves and want to come back. We talked about all of the little things that you can do to keep things fun, like camp songs, walking funny in line, and just making up games to play. Again, we talked about how it is okay to be spontaneous and make stuff up.

Random burst of creativity can make great things happen. The question is whether or not you choose to fully embrace the moment.

The game of life is a game of hesitation. If you miss the moment, you will miss that goal, and if you miss to many goals, you will lose the game.


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