Warning in advance, this post is more of a rant.

As a 5 year old girl said this morning coming out of gymnastics class, “I’m exhausted!” I’ve been gone for 3 weeks, and then today I had both acro and soccer practice.

To keep up any skill you need to continue to practice. I understand that. I also know that this is the reason why we have summer assignments for school. However, I can’t help but getting annoyed with it some times.

The big problem I find every year is figuring out what to do when. Clearly I don’t want to wait until the very end of summer to do all of the work, but at the same time I want to remember the stuff for when school starts. Therefore, this year I decided to read my choice book first, then the history book, then the required English book, and I have a few others I’ve read or am planing on reading. (Also doing math somewhat randomly through out the summer, but really I’m always doing math just maybe not for school.)

Currently, I’m trying to read Jihad vs. McWorld. Key word is “trying”. I’ve been trying to get into this book for a few weeks, but I just can’t seem to. It probably doesn’t help that history is my least favorite subject.

Honestly, I just don’t like the style of books that are purely facts. Why can’t our history assignment be something like doing activities on an online museum? Or even like Nerd Camp where you have a 5 minute presentation that you do during the first week of school. I would much rather learn in depth about a topic that I pick versus reading a book of facts.

As I said at the beginning, I’m really tired right now, so I’m sure there are better ideas. However,the point is, I understand practicing and keeping up with school work over the summer, but I wish there was a different way to practice for history rather than literally reading facts. We spent a while this year trying to think of a better system for English summer reading, but what about the history stuff? Can’t their be something more innovative?


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