Have Fun


Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!! I know I will be busy later, so I decided to blog earlier than usual today. 

I got a new phone yesterday and trying to set it up was a pain. However, in the process of trying to mess with the music, I found a lot of old photos and videos. (Also some more random Disney songs that I now have on my phone!) 

I really enjoy watching old gymnastics routines because you get to see how far people have come; plus they are usually comically bad, or they give me new/old ideas for new routines. 

I am definitely not one of the best gymnast, but I enjoy doing it. Back when I did level 4, I barely had some of the skills, but my goal wasn’t to be the best. My goal was to be the best that I could be. 

Bars was and still is my worst event, so I never cared about the score I got. My goal would be to not fall off. There is a video of me from level 4 where my mom said that if I didn’t fall I could pick what we would eat for dinner. This is also is the “famous” competition where my hair flips over my eyes, and I then have to jump to the high bar without being able to see completely. 

I don’t fall, and I come off the bar thrilled. This was one of those times where I was reminded of the innocence of children, and how you can learn from that. I was reminded that you don’t always have to win. Just have fun and try your best with everything you do, and that is a win. 




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