The Pirate Fairy


I had an interesting realization about innovation and the Innovation Diploma today on the way to Tennessee.

I was watching a movie on Netflix about an innovator. That movie was “The Pirate Fairy”, the latest Tinkerbell movie. In this movie we see the beginnings of Captain Hook along with some other details from Peter Pan.

There is one fairy that is a dust fairy named Zarina, and she has lots of questions. The main dust fairy says that she is tied with Tinkerbell for most curious fairy. She wants to know why fairy dust works the way that it does, and she believes that it has much more power that they haven’t discovered. So, Zarina decides to experiment with the dust even though she has been told not to. She discovers what she calls “fairy dust alchemy”. She has the ability to have different talents by using the pixy dust.

Zarina had questions, so she experimented, then she discovered something new and useful.

Somehow this got me thinking about Nerd Camp. This is when I realized how to best describe the Innovation Diploma.

At Nerd Camp my class didn’t have me learning about architects, it had me learning how to be an architect and then being an architect. I hope for the Innovation Diploma and eventually school to be the same way. It isn’t meant for learning about innovators, it is about learning how to be an innovator and being an innovator.

(P.S. I’m not a fan of WordPress changing their set up.)

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