Present Class: Why not?

I was texting my friends today and I was expressing my disgruntledness with Jihad versus McWorld. It is a book of facts and statistics, but from 1995, so these statistics are not current at all in the sense of world trade and resources which is what the book is about. 

To this one of my friends said, “Well it is called history class, not present class.” 

My first thought was, “Why not?” 

Why don’t we have a present class? A class where we do talk about current events happening around us. It is just as important to know about the present as it is to know about the past. 

It could even be integrated with history class. What if once a week your history class turned into a present class? I think a missing concept of history classes is that you don’t always turn around and look at how the things from the past compare to now. 

You could claim that everyone would ace this class because kids know about stuff going on. However, this isn’t always the case. A lot of times kids don’t look into things that they don’t have to (meaning it isn’t class or homework) either because they aren’t enticed to or they don’t have time. This is not the best mentality perhaps, but it is often the case. Therefore, until the mentality can be changed, why not just give students some incentive and time to stay up to date in the world? 

This all goes back to learning in the “real world” rather than just about it, and in this case just about the past world. 



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