My sister was in the middle school musical Strawberry Freckleface last spring, and there was one song called “We’re Different, Just Like Everyone Else.” I don’t really know if that was the name, but that was the main lyric. It is a very cheesy, stereotypical middle schooler song, but the point is there; the song is basically about how everyone is different in their own special way.

My friend Katherine wrote a blog titled Summer Studies in response to my post Exhausted. (I would suggest reading the post for this to make more sense.)

The funny thing is, just as her post says towards the beginning, when I started reading the post I “I inwardly cringed.” I expected the post to bash on mine the entire time even though I was just giving suggestions, so I would like to apologize to her (even if we didn’t discuss this otherwise) because I agree to an extent about what she is saying.

I hate researching…when I don’t have an end goal for the research. (This contributes to my dislike of history classes which I tried to express in my 45 minute presentation about redesigning projects that I gave in history class last year. One day I’ll finally clarify that entire story because it is more complicated then the way I’ve been describing it. I usually enjoy the class, but at the same time I don’t like the subject at school. Like I said: It’s complicated.)

Anyway, it is true that an online museum or research project may not be the best summer work for history; however, I try really hard to not suggest things that bug me without considering a potential other solution, and that was what I came up with quickly.

That said, I would like to think of our back and forth blogging as a sort of brainstorm. She is right that everyone is different, so everyone will have different opinions about what should or shouldn’t be done.

She suggest that not everything needs to be “fixed”. I can understand this, but if there is a way to help make things better for people (in this case getting them to enjoy learning more) without hindering other, shouldn’t we try to find it.

My ideas my have not been the best, so what are other ideas? I like the idea of “adding not subtracting”, and getting to have some sort of a selection process for what you want to spend your time learning. What if we had a summer studies bingo? (Similar to our ID bingo game which inspired this blog.)

There would be several different options of activities that you can do over the summer to help remain an active learner. It could be that there is a required number of activities that you have to do, or you to do at least 1 from every column or row and then you can receive extra credit for any extra activities you do.

Or maybe the activities are ranked based on how long or laborious the task. So you are required to get a certain number of points, but you get to choose if you do a bunch of low ranked activities or just a couple (potentially 1 even) higher ranked activity (perhaps reading a certain book). (The extra credit idea remaining).

We are all different, and like to do things different ways, but that doesn’t make one way right or wrong necessarily. So Kat, I guess it is your turn again for the brainstorm feedback.



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