Drop The Mic

There will be a second post today, but this one has a few various things that I just needed to say about my blog.


The mic was passed to me on the topic of summer school work. To both Kat and Marz: I agree.

Marz actually talked about something my mom had just said that night: our generation needs to be aware now, so that when we are older we know what is going on in the world; “many people in our society fail to think about how our economic systems affect religion and society”. This is true, even if it wasn’t exactly where the conversation was at this point. I’m going to pretend this post was earlier on, and thus I have already responded to it. (Different / Exhausted)

To Kat, I think we have come to the point where this conversation continuing now isn’t doing anything because we are repeating each other since we agree. I love the fact that you used the Tomato Sauce Theory, it was a valid point to bring back, but like I said we already agreed there should be choices. Not to say this was “wrong” of you, just to say I’m done with that for now, but I totally agree with your notes on creativity; “Why does it disappear?”

The topic issue has been identified. The next step (in this case, there are different ways, so maybe not always) is brainstorming. If either of you have other ideas I would like to know them. It doesn’t even have to be a full post, just a little after thought at the bottom of a post, or a paragraph post.

Drop the mic…



Now like I said, “I’m done with that for now.” I realized that I have been talking a ton about school lately: ideas for change, summer work, ID, next school year… I’m getting tired of it. I could go on forever relating things to school because that is how my head is right now. ID is going to take the students to really figure out what it is going to be, and we’ve been told that. Therefore, we keep thinking about what in the world we want it to be.

However, this blog while inspired by school, I don’t want to be just about school. Therefore, I’m going to try to keep school out of the next couple of post at least. There should be more that I can find and that’s the challenge I want. To explore more than school.

Wednesday will probably be my last blog for about 2 weeks because I’m going to West Virginia for a family reunion and while this place has service in very few spots, the idea of the place is to get rid of technology and spend time with family. (They just got computer and phone service about 3 years ago, it used to be that people would hike up to the golf course to go in and out of service.) Then I will be traveling to Pennsylvania for a sleep away camp where I definitely can’t bring technology to.


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