Timeless Tales: Beauty and the Chemicals

(I would have a picture here like usual, but wordpress is being mean and won’t upload my picture, so just imagine for now.)

If felt like time to get my flute out and mess around, and with everyone else at the gym, today was a perfect time. I started with just playing a few songs that I enjoy, and then I thought, “Why not make this a music and technology day?” 

I got my computer out to try and record a few duet songs by playing one part and then going back and playing the second. Then I try to match them up so it sounds like one piece of music. 

I started with Beauty and the Best. (I also did Aladdin, but for the purpose of this post, that isn’t important.) 

(If you haven’t seen this movie: 1. How have you not seen it????????; 2. Go watch it this instant because otherwise there will be spoilers 3. The spoilers that I will say are actually super predictable plot points which I say to prove my point, so if you haven’t seen it and really can’t this instant, just continue reading anyway. Or don’t, but that would be strange if you are already this far.)  

I realized while playing this that the song literally states that the entire movie is, “a tale as old as time”. The song itself says that this is one of Disney’s most cliche movies:

Your average, smart, shy, pretty girl wants to go out into the world. She sees past the little town she lives in. She couldn’t possibly fall for the handsome guy every other girl wants because she has to be different, and she needs an adventure of her own first. So she goes out and ends up falling for the Beast because she sees past his “hideous” outside. Then the other guy gets upset so he comes back to try and get revenge on the girl for saying no to him. But true love must prevail, so he dies, and the Beast turns into a prince. 

The movie tells you that it is a classic, old, tale that gets repeated all of the time, and yet we all still love it. How many times does something advertise exactly what they are going to give you? How many times to you end up loving it anyway, or maybe because it does?

If food companies put a label on their products saying, “Made with 100% Chemicals!,” you probably wouldn’t buy it. Yet, that is the truth; everything is made up of chemicals. The Vlogbrothers even have an episode where they rant about that.

(It is rant number 3. Again, if you don’t know who the Vlogbrothers are, you should go on youtube and watch them this instant. They are incredibly nerdy and hilarious. John has also written many fabulous books including The Fault in Our Stars which they just made a movie of. And Hank is also a musician who has some awesomely nerdtastic songs.) 

So what does Disney do that makes this movie different from other movies and stories that have such similar plots? Well, there is animation, music, singing, dancing, and the audience is targeted for kids. 

If kids like it, their parents and family are also bound to watch it. The best part about Disney in general  is that it isn’t just for kids though. There is a beautiful (Beauty and the Beast; beautiful!) blend of child and adult humor which makes their movies timeless. 

Every age can enjoy Disney movies, and that isn’t something that most things can say honestly. It takes a lot of work, and like the Tomato Sauce Theory, it takes variety, and Disney has something for everyone! 

So Disney can get away with telling you exactly what they are going to give you, because you know you will love it anyway; that’s the true beauty of making things timeless.


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