Last Night Logic

(If you have ever seen Psych, the title of this post was inspired by “Last Night Gus”, which was one of my favorite episodes. Also, it would be highly helpful to have read my last post, The Magic of Story Telling, before reading this post.)

I stopped. I thought. I pondered. I wondered.

I stopped. Last night I was kind of writing on the spot in a sense. Before posting, I had read it over, but I didn’t really process and “imagine all of the little behind the scenes things happening”. Therefore, when I was going to bed I stopped for a moment.

I then thought about my post. Last Night Logic suggested that movies take away some of the magic of stories because they are always the same each time. I then thought, “Aren’t books the same way though?” Books also are always the same each time you read them. You may notice new things each time you reread a book (if you reread books, I don’t usually), but the words are the same.

I then pondered this for a little. (I was having difficulties getting to sleep last night, and this wasn’t helping. “The sky was awake, so I was awake, so I had to think!”) “Did I really mean what I said?” No. Not completely at least. It is called “movie magic” for a reason, isn’t it? And books are often better then movies, and I have read some pretty magical books.

That’s when I wondered: maybe movies don’t take away some of the magic, maybe movies just have a different type of magic, and books too. I like to believe magic is everywhere in everything. (If you made this into a syllogism this would also prove that math is magic because it is everywhere and in everything; thus, “math magic”.) Because there is something incredible about movies and books, and they wouldn’t be possible if the story was always different. However, I also think the classic story telling by word of mouth is also magical and that is partially because it is always a slightly different story.

And that is where I ended. (Where I fell asleep in this case, and once I woke up it was no longer tonight logic, it was officially last night logic.)

I ended with the conclusion that people like different things because it is all about what type of magic you prefer most.

Now I feel bad because this post is mainly about a first realization, and I didn’t get to the point where I figured out what these different magics are. However, I hope to eventually. This will go on the list on blogs that need to be done, but need more time to be developed. (There is an actual list by the way.)

It has to do with one of my theories that I call The Full Circle Theory. This is the idea that thoughts don’t usually happen all at once, and there isn’t a beginning or an end. (In some cases it may even be an infinity sign.) You often have a thought, then later your brain realizes why you had the thought and then has a new thought after that.

This is likely the last post for a few weeks, as I have said, but I am planning on writing down what I would blog so that I can go back and post them. (Hopefully.) The funny thing is that my last post has a lot to do with my after thoughts of my post form the night before.

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