A Little Bit of Hakuna Matata

I’m back! A lot has happened since I last posted, but this is the first time I have had internet access long enough to blog. This is the first of 3 blogs that took place while I was in Capon Springs. While I was at camp in Pennsylvania I didn’t really have a day to day post ideas list, (I was dumb and forgot my notebook in my backpack which was in Baltimore), but I have lots of things to talk about.



10 July 2014 

Well it’s my first day in the middle of nowhere West Virginia. We know we are close when we lose cell reception. I had texted some of my friends that we were about 20 minutes away, and 20 minutes later I got a text, “It’s been 20 minutes.” I tried to reply that we were on the gravel road on the mountain, but we still had about 3 minutes, and that meant it would be the last of my texts for a while. I finished with, “You might not even get these texts.” 

The text never went through. 

Capon is a really hard place to describe. My mom always says that it is a family and friends place that is similar to a mix of Dirty Dancing and Never Neverland. And it’s amazing to be back. 

Last night we had stopped at a hotel around 12:30pm (this morning I guess). We were about 2 hours away still, so we still had to drive some this morning. While leaving my mom and I both got “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical stuck in our heads. (And this was for no reason, we both just started thinking about it at the same time.) Therefore, when we got in the car we had to play it. 

At the time the song had no significants, but later in the day during the ping pong tournament (this is a serious matter here, and my cousins had to play each other in the semi-finals. The older brother ended up winning this year; he wasn’t losing to him again.), some of my friends and I were taking about Capon. We realized that here, everyone is family. 

There are people that have known you since you were a baby; everyone says hi when walking around; it is safe for young kids to wonder with their friends alone; no one judges besides in a teasing, friendly way;  we are all in it together. 

It reminds me of hakuna matata. No worries, no responsibilities, and best of all, no worries. This is a slight overstatement, but not by far. The only real rule is to be on time to meals and if you are signed up for a tournament. (This is funny because the main system of time keeping is by a big bell that goes off 30 minutes and at meal time.) There isn’t really responsibilities besides the fact that you want to take care of what you want to be able to use each year. (Don’t vandalize and clean up after yourself.) And there really aren’t any worries here. 

It is great to just not have anything to stress about. Without technology you really get cut out from the outside world which is why we say “it is in the middle of nowhere.” 

Sometimes less is more. There are things you need to get done, but it is nice to have time to sit back and just enjoy yourself. Without technology you don’t have much of a choice but to put aside work, school, and errors, and hang out with family (friends included). I think that could very well be the best thing about Capon: time to exclude yourself from the stress of life. 

I know too much exclusion can be a bad thing, but I think everyone should have the opportunity for a little quality family time without distractions of the  world. So if you don’t have this, I’m sorry. Last year was the first year no one from my family was here (this time specifically my family, but cousins and others included), and even just that was depressing. 

For those people, maybe we should come up with more places like Capon. A place where people can go to enjoy a little bit of hakuna matata. 


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