“Don’t Try to Win, Just Don’t Lose”

11 July 2014 


Day 2 at Capon for me, but everyone besides my immediate family left as far as my family goes. (They got here earlier.) 


Therefore, for dinner we proved that at Capon everyone is family by combining 3 different families that all had small amounts of people here. We think we might have broken the record for the biggest table. (Even if we didn’t end up needing all of it.) 


Family and competition is really intense here. Today we had the golf, badminton, and free throw tournaments/contests. No one in my family played golf or basketball, but all of the kids played badminton. 


Something more unusual happened this year and we had 2 family rivalries in the first 2 games. My partner and I played my younger cousin, and won, and then the other team had family playing against each other. My other cousin got out in his first round, and so did my sister, but I ended up going to the semi-finals, and my brother went to the finals. (I never played my brother, but my 13 year old partner (it is usually kid with adult, but teens often get paired together because of this) and I got closer then my brother’s team did when playing the winning team in the semi-finals.) 


I love friendly competition. I think a lot of things can become more exciting when you make them into a competition. Humans jut have this funny need inside of them to always try to be the best. However, after ping-pong my friends and I had a new saying from the wise words of one of their dad’s: “Don’t try to win, just don’t lose.”


Basically this means don’t get cocky and try to be really fancy just to show off. If done correctly these types of moves could make you win, but it is also very likely that you will mess up. Therefore, instead, sometimes it is smarter to just play it safe and wait for the other team to mrs up trying to be fancy. 


I write a lot about “it isn’t about winning, just have fun,” but I like winning just as much as the next person. During one of our games some of the adults watching were talking about how my partner and I were being ruthless in our 2nd game. I think what I like about the saying, “don’t try to win, just don’t lose,” is that it adds an extra layer to just having fun. You don’t have to win, but play smart. 


I would much rather lose because the other team was just really good rather than losing because we made dumb mistakes in an attempt to be fancy. Sometimes you need to take risks, but you can still be smart about when you take them. Patients is key. 

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