Ridiculously Yourself

12 July 2014 


Capon is set up by a weekly schedule, so even if you aren’t here the entire week, Saturday night is considered the last night. Like most last nights, it is a sad time when everyone realizes that it is almost time to leave, and you won’t see these people for another year (for the most part). Capon last nights end with a camp fire with peanuts and lots of singsongs. 


“Just now”, in the “whole wide world”, “Old McDonald” asked “what does the fox say” to “John Dill’s baby” who was “coming around the mountain”, to which the baby responded, “kumbya,” and “shook it all about” “just the same” as every other year, but “life is but a dream.” (My grammar friends are probably cringing at this sentence, but it references a bunch of songs we sung which is why it is is like that. I give major props to anyone that can figure these all out. Clearly some are easier. ) 



I won’t say last nights aren’t fun because they are, tonight some of my friends and I winged Let It Go all together which was really fun. (I played flute, one guy tried to remember piano, and the other girl sang. For next years talent show, which we are determined to not have canceled due to not enough sign ups, we will each practice are respective instruments (the girl singing also plays oboe) and we are going to figure out something to play.)


Then we had the campfire, played an interesting game of shuffle board, and some sort of ninja game started. I did have to say bye to my best friend here who left after the campfire though. 


The campfire is really great fun, and this year I took on the role of leading group 1 in some of the hand motion and round songs. The best is that it is encouraged to be as ridiculously enthusiastic as possible. 


You know you have great friends when they still accept and encourage you when you are being totally ridiculous. Some people try to say that they feel more comfortable to be themselves because they will never see people again after camp, but really it is the same people every year here at Capon, which makes it even better. 


These people only get to see you for a little every year, and for that week, there isn’t time to worry about how you look, or being cool, or having this or that. (Or any other typical social stigma thing.) 


Life is more fun if you don’t care about superficial things. If you really have good friends around you, they will be fine with you being  ridiculously yourself, so embrace it. 


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