Imagination into Action

One thing I really love about my family is how when we have an idea we like to say, “why not?” 

While Kylie was in the hospital she watched a bunch of episodes of Cake Boss on Netflix. Since the show’s main bakery is in Hoboken, New Jersey, my grandma was like, “why don’t we go visit the store?” So we did. 


I didn’t really like most of the stuff there because I’m not a big sweets person, but I had fun going! 

Along the way we saw this sign: 


I thought it was fitting. 

I was just imagining what my day could have been like if we didn’t decide to go and do something completely random. It would not have been even close to as awesome. Plus one of the busses we took was across from the Aladdin theater, and we got tickets!!!!! If we wouldn’t have gone to that bus stop, we wouldn’t be getting to see the show. 

Great things happen when you decide to put your imagination into action. 

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