Unintended Stuff


The universe is weird. I’ve had some odd things happen this summer so far. I got sick in New York, I still got in to Nerd Camp even though it was really late, I had a TED Talk party, I taught a bunch of kids from different states to sing “Chicken on a Raft“, I got to go to camp with my mime friends even though I was several years to old, then my sister, Kylie, made sure that everyone will remember us at camp from now on. 

We already had 3 siblings from Atlanta at a random camp in Pennsylvania, and 2 of us were the wrong age (Cadyn was a year too young also), so a lot of people at camp knew of us during that week. Plus, this was my 5th year at the camp, so I knew some of the staff already. Then at 9pm on Thursday, Kylie had to go to the hospital. 

Kylie had been sick for most of the day, and they finally decided that we should take her to the hospital because she may have appendicitis. The camp called my mom and she wanted me to go along as well, so the camp director, Alan, the counselor Danielle, Kylie, and I got in a car to go to the hospital. 

First the nurses had to do all of the standard check in stuff, then Nurse Patty, who we nicknamed Pink Patty because she wore practically all pink, brought in bubbles and told us that bubbles are legal in the ER. (That was one of my favorite fun facts of the day). 

Kylie then had to get a ultrasound to see if the doctor could see her appendix. They couldn’t, so she had to drink a bunch of stuff before getting a cat scan around 1:30am. 

At camp that night the snack was homemade ice cream, and originally we thought we may still get back just late at night. Therefore, we had hoped they would save us some. Around this time is where we realized ice cream was not likely, but we kept talking about it anyway as we watched Disney channel for hours. 

After the cat scan we had to wait about an hour to get the results. The hospital didn’t have a radiologist on site, so we learned that they have to send the cat scan electronically to Australia of all places. 

The results came back, and they said that Kylie was going to need to have surgery at 7am to remove her appendix. At this point we had to play more phone tag with my mom in Atlanta and then also my grandma in New York who is a doctor. I definitely got a little shaken when the doctor first said she would need surgery, but my mom was probably the most freaked out.

Besides being in pain, Kylie was doing really well under the circumstances even though she was pretty nervous. One of her first concerns was actually about the mime that we were suppose to be doing later that day for all of the parents, and she also really didn’t want for Cadyn or me to see her in pain. 

Surgery was done by 8, but we couldn’t see her until 9 when she was returned back to the room. Kylie was in even more pain after the surgery. At this point it had been decided that my grandma would take a train to Pennsylvania because she was the closest, and my parents had started driving up from Atlanta, but they wouldn’t get there until Saturday morning. 

My grandma got there around 2, and at this point Alan, Danielle, and I had been there for about 17 hours with Kylie and had each gotten 3 hours of sleep max. Kylie had said that I could go back to camp, so the 3 of us left after my grandma got there. 

Back at camp everyone was really concerned about Kylie, and everyone prayed for her. This was about the point where everyone definitely knew about my family. The mime went well (back story: we learned the mime Thursday and I was the lead, but I missed all of Friday’s practice so we left dinner early with a few key people to make sure I could still be in it), and everyone on the team made a card for Kylie. Then after their staff meeting, a bunch of the counselors came and saw her. 

After camp my great grandma picked Cadyn and I up. By the way she only knew about any of this happening a few hours before she was suppose to get us. Cadyn still hadn’t seen her yet, so Saturday we went and saw her for a few hours, and she was doing a ton better from the last time I saw her. She ended up getting discharged from the hospital later that night. 

Kylie has been really strong and brave through all of this. We are now in New York and she is doing a lot better, but she still isn’t 100%. The universe throws some unintended stuff into our lives all of the time. 


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