Waiting for Something Amazing


As the little kid in The Incredibles said, “That was totally wicked!”

We saw Matilda the musical and it was amazing! I recommend it to anyone that is in New York. These were some of the most talented kids I’ve seen preform in a while. The lead was only 9 years old which I find to be a crazy thought. None of them are even British, but they have the accent down to a tee. Apparently the first set of 4 Matilda’s (they have to rotate because of child working laws) had the accent down so well that people couldn’t always understand them, so now they have dumbed down the accent.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, kids can and are doing some amazing things in the world. The entire show is so different and creative from other shows I’ve seen. They dance on swings, have lazier beams, ride scooters, have tons of crazy scene changes, they even segway perfectly from intermission to the show, and I just can’t even describe it.

Early today we were in central park, and we ended up eating ice cream against a tree and watching 3 baseball games happen at once. (It was really funny how the outfields all merged together.) While we were watching the game I realized nothing too eventful was happening. No one was getting further than second base and they weren’t great hits to get there either.

My aunt eventually said, “We just want to see a home run or something.” To which I replied with another Incredibles quote, “We’re just waiting for something amazing I guess.” (This is not the exact quote, but it was how it worked in context.)

Then I realized, is that how life works all of the time? We are always just waiting for something amazing to happen. Then eventually the universe shows you something that blows your mind. Tonight my amazing moment was watching these kids, and adults, and musicians, put on an amazing show!

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