Salads are Becoming Really Controversial


I’ve mentioned before how my family can just decide to go places kind of sporadically. This morning we decided to go to Ocean Grove (for the second time this summer for me).

At dinner tonight we were talking about how the last time we were here my aunt had an interesting incedent after ordering a salad. I believe I mentioned this during that week, but to recap, she had ordered a salad and they kept not giving her what was on the menu. The waitress went back three times before it was finally correct.

This time when we went to a different restaurant, but again there were salad problems. The menu said there would be ricotta cheese, but there wasn’t any. The waitress went back and brought out the cheese and there wasn’t a problem or anything.

This seems quite random, and maybe a little pointless to be telling this story. However, to quote Dr. Doofenschmertz, “But it’s weird that it happened twice.”

You would think making a salad the way it is written on a menu would not be that difficult. What makes simple tasks so difficult sometimes? Is it because we get bored with doing the same simple task?

What if you went to a restaurant where the menu was always different? What if the cooks had the freedom to be totally different and creative each day?

This could get annoying because you may love one particular thing and then not have it again for a while. Then again it could become a wildly popular restaurant because you would never know what you are going to get, and it would force people to be open to variety.

I really appreciate traditions. I’ve actually been on the team against changing our Christmas tradition in my family for a while. I am also definitely one of those people that has certain meals at some restaurants that I always get. These things have a place and time though. There are times where I wish I was more open to variety.

Maybe when a simple salad gets a little messed up, it is because there is a passionate cook in the kitchen that is dying to change things up a little. They just got bored with the same thing, so they wanted to get more creative with their art form; to add variety to the menu.

Then again I could be completely wrong, and it could just be a coincidence with these two cases having accidental slip ups. Who knows though?

Who knew salads could be so controversial?

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