Exercising Creativeness


Today’s post is pretty boring. I didn’t do much thought provoking stuff. However, I did exercise being creative, so it was a productive day for me. Sometimes, we need to just do rather than think and question. 

If you deeply feel the need to know what I did today, here it is because I already started typing this up but then stopped because it wasn’t going anywhere: 


Today was our stay at home, laid back day. I made lots of cookies, my sister didn’t get up until noon, we did some math, made a bunch of crafts, and then went to a movie and had dinner. 

It’s nice to have some laid back days. Plus I always wish that I made crafts more often. It’s really fun to get a bunch of stuff and just get creative with it. We attempted to make decorative lightbulbs, but the colors didn’t work, so that was our fail up moment. (A motto of my school is to fail up which means to learn from your failures, and I do that pretty often.) 

We also each got a pair of white shoes and decorated them with fabric markers. I had a lot of fun creating my tie-die shoes that also have the first 55 digits of pi on them with a color coordination. (I would add a picture, but I would like the grand reveal to be when I wear them.) 

With all of the baking I did, plus the late start, I didn’t get to any of the other crafts that we had planned. 


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