Now we are in Ohio! We took a plane to get here today, and of all things I got mesmerized by a straw.

It was one of those tiny stirring straws that you can still drink out of. I realized that when I drunk out of the straw I wasn’t getting as much water, but I would still not be thirsty when I was done. However, I also drank more frequently when drinking through a straw.  

Logically, I wondered why this was. Was time tricking my mind into thinking I had drunk more water than I actually had? Does the flow of water change the amount you need to satisfy your thirst? Was my throat just soar, so the smaller continuous flow of water actually more helpful than more water all at once? Does this mean that drinking water from a straw would be more beneficial while playing sports? 

These were some of my questions/hypothesizes, next I went to researching. (I like researching when I genuinely have a question I want to know the answer to.)  

I purposely kept my research short to make sure I didn’t just get annoyed and sick of the topic all together. About 20 minutes max. 

What I found wasn’t very scientific. However, several other people have noticed similar things to me about straws. 

When you drink through a straw you have better control of the intake. It is actually beneficial for your teeth because acid or staining liquids have less contact with your teeth (now I’m talking about the general use of straws, not just water). Using a straw at restaurants is likely more sanitary than using just the cup. Also as I noticed, most people believe that they drink more water when using a straw. 

My big hypothesis is that when you use a straw you constantly want more water, but you can only get a little at a time. Therefore, you end up drinking more water. So I guess it is good to use a straw. 



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