Life is a Highway


Within one day I can be called both 40 and 5, but today I was reminded of my actual age: 15. The age where in Georgia you can get your learners permit. I already waited several month after my birthday, but eventually my parents said I had to get it. So, before I was allowed to go to Hilton Head with Marz and Dana, 2  of my best friends, I had to get my permit. 

This all happened in May right after school got out, but I was still yet to drive a car until today. I had my first lesson with my grandpa’s second wife, Amy (we just call her Amy which is why I explained this.) 

Some of my friends were really anxious to get their permit, and took the test practically as soon as possible. Others didn’t really care all that much, so like me, they procrastinated. Some still haven’t gotten theirs yet even though they are old enough. Then there is Marz who had to wait to track down her social security card after finally getting ready to take it, so she is planning on taking the test Saturday. (Keep in mind her 15th birthday was back in September.) 

I also have friends in other states, and in some states you can’t even get your permit at 15. In Pennsylvania the age is 16. Everyone there was really confused how I already had mine, then I reminded them that I live in Georgia. 

I personally didn’t really care a ton about learning to drive, but I would like to be able to get around on my own, so it had to be done eventually. Everyone always asks, “what was it like,” but it was only day one. How am I suppose to know? Day one is just about getting out the adrenaline, trying to keep your nerves under control, being excited to just not hit anything. 

My mom didn’t get her license until she was 27 because she lived in New York for most of her life, and you don’t need to drive there. I personally wish Georgia had better public transportation, like New York, so that we didn’t have to drive to get places. Essentially, kids in New York “grow up” at a younger age because with public transportation they can have the freedom to get around without having to be old enough to drive.

Whenever I do go to New York I always feel like I have to be a little more grown up because kids my age would usually be wondering around in the city all of the time. My mom would go places herself at age 10 which for Georgia sounds crazy, but there it is normal. 

I guess it’s just funny how driving a car is so closely related with age, yet people learn to drive at all different ages for all different reasons. I don’t even think that “driving” is really what is key. It is the freedom and responsibility that come with being able to get around on your own. Once you can independently get around, you have to grow up a little more. 












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