Something to Learn

It’s official, school orientation is in 2 weeks. I have mixed feelings about going back to school. 

I’m reading to get started with some things like ID, drama, band, seeing people (including teachers), Kemps Khaos year 2, acro and soccer will start again (even though it isn’t at school), and I’m curious about the new teachers and general new things about the upcoming school year including learning new things (in and out of the classroom). 

But I’m also not excited for finishing summer work, having homework, and getting frustrated with busy work. (The typical things you don’t enjoy about school.)

To finish summer work I have put myself on a schedule. I’m still not enjoying Jihad vs. McWorld. Sometimes he will make good points, but it takes too long to reach them with some unnecessary added things. Therefore, I have decided to read 35 pages a day to finish by Thursday. 

I was reading today and I figured out what I would love to learn during the next school year: how to figure out what is actually meaningful when reading books versus what you don’t really need to focus on. 

First you have to learn how to read, but later in life (the funny thing is my grandma said this about a week ago as well) it’s important to know what you don’t have to read. I like to do things efficiently, so I would rather not waste time reading not meaningful parts. 

This is a skill that would be beneficial in life, and I don’t see why it would be impossible to learn at school. 

This kind of reminds me of annotating as well. I don’t like being forced to annotate because it adds extra pressure and I think I annotate more than needed, but I have come to realize when it may be helpful to annotate some. For Jihad vs McWorld I have been annotating. I think what will be more beneficial though is the document with notes on each chapter that my friends and I are collaborating on. 

When I add notes to the document, I realize that some of my annotations or things that I underlined don’t really seem that important anymore. I also notice some parts that seem like they should be important, but I can’t figure out why. I would like to get better at noticing what is important the first time.  

I was trying to not talk about school as much, but it has been a good while, and with school so close now it is on my mind. 

I don’t even know how many adults are great at this skill, but maybe it would be important to learn. To know what you don’t have to read. I just thought it would be nice to go into the year with at least one specific thing that I hope to learn. 

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