Today was another day of lots of reading. (And also comparing schedules.)

I read over 100 pages, and for me being a relatively slow reader, that was really good. Then later in the night we went to see Planes: Fire and Rescue because my siblings got back from sleep away camp.

While reading The Kite Runner and watching the movie, I realized that the main characters of both had a lot of issues with image.

(I don’t want to spoil anything so I will try to be very vague.) Both characters have secrets about themselves that they won’t tell anyone about because they are scared of how it will affect other people’s image of them. However, both of these secrets put the people they love and themselves in harms way.

Eventually they realize that they have to tell someone, and it makes their life a lot better to talk about it.

You need to have someone to tell “secrets” too, and it’s okay to ask for help. That way you don’t tear yourself up trying to deal with things on your own.

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