A Stressful Step

You know I noticed something. It seems like it is considered weird for a student to talk a lot about school, but it isn’t weird for a teacher too. You may think, “that’s a teacher’s job, they should be talking about it,” but as of right now, it’s practically my job too. I think the theme of this next year is going to be about trying to find inner peace to stay calm and make it through, because it will get messy. 

inner peace2

Ms. Mathews’ (my math teacher last year) latest blog post makes me even more curious about next years’ schedule and capstone project. This is going to be one interesting year. And exciting for those up for the challenges that come with designing. 🙂 

It is like how some people didn’t want to join ID because it was the first year and they didn’t want to deal with the kinks. My response to them was I would kill myself to not be apart of the guinea pig group that figures it out. As stressful as it is, I love the process of figuring out how to best design a system. That is what innovation is all about isn’t it? Figuring out the best solution to a problem in a new and creative way. 
However, I’ve mentioned through out the last year to a few people that this is an all or nothing situation. Either they (MVPS) really have to find away to completely get away from the standards, or it won’t work. The middle zone isn’t sustainable right now. Standards and the SAT hold teachers back, the shorter the class time, the more standard teaching there will be because teachers teach what they know and learned. If they feel stressed and pressured to prepare for tests, “innovation and integration” won’t happen. 
Then with teachers having less time to teach, students will likely get more homework. Being a student, this does not sound appealing because homework tends to equal stress when it is done in a “standard” way. My greatest fear for next year is that teachers will accidentally end up making class more standard then before, and it will in turn put a lot more work and stress on students. 
I honestly don’t know how we (I don’t want to think this is a teacher only, “they” situation) will figure out to deal with this though. But from what I’ve heard, I think next year will be a step in the right direction; I hope. 

2 thoughts on “A Stressful Step

  1. Anya,

    I so appreciate and admire your posture of — “I am going to be in this thing, and I want to be one of the designers and innovators who figures out with the team how this can work!”

    I would add that I think we can figure out how to make two seemingly contradictory things work together with harmony and synergy. It’s just a matter of staying diligent to the need finding, insight leaping, prototyping, testing, and iterating.

    I’m so glad that you are on the team to figure this stuff out!

    Mr. A

  2. Anya, thanks for responding to my blog with your own post. I appreciate reading the things that you are excited about as well as your concerns from a student perspective. I’m glad we are in this dialogue TOGETHER. 🙂

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