The Student Becomes the Mentor


(This is a really bad picture I took of the set at Cirque Du Soleil. Nothing looked that cool until the performance started, and then you can’t take pictures.)

If you haven’t noticed, I love seeing theater performances. Today we got to see a Cirque Du Soleil performance, and it was incredible! 

At Jump Start Gym (my family’s kids gymnasium) I do acrobatics, or acro for short. It is very similar to gymnastics, but it is done with one or two partners, and it is only the floor exercise. If you have ever seen a circus of any kind, I’m sure you have seen some degree of acro.

What most people don’t know is that it is also a competition sport. However, no one else in Georgia does it, so for now it is jut us.

It is a funny thing to see professionals doing what you do. It makes you wonder, “will I ever reach that level?”

I finished reading the book Four today, which is basically a prequel and deleted scenes version of the Divergent trilogy. While I was reading there was one quote that stood out to me, “How is it possible to live the same story twice, from different vantage points?” 

It is possible once the student becomes the teacher, but at some point every teacher was a student. 

It’s a weird thing to think about; imagining you teachers, coaches, mentors, all when they were the student. How did they learn? How did they become the teacher? How did they know they were the teacher; what was the point of realization? 

At the gym I also coach gymnastics some. Most people don’t get the chance to be a student and a teacher at the same time, so it is an interesting thing. When I last went to camp, I specifically noticed how I observed things differently since I can also be a counselor at times. 

I think everyone is a teacher to some extent. Students learn through observation, and people show others how they go through life simply by living. Therefore, people teach people how they go through life. IZ Proof-a! People are teachers. 

This doesn’t mean everyone is a good teacher, but everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something that they can teach someone else. Kids included. What I’m trying to say is that teaching comes naturally as a human. 

However, mentoring takes practice. A mentor has to be a good teacher. A mentor has to enjoy teaching and leading others to success.

I think that our school “teachers” should be called “mentors”. A teacher implies that you are someone that teaches others, but our “teachers” often say that they are learning from the students as well. Being called a “mentor” has an extra layer to it then just “teacher”. Not only do you teach, but you are able to teach, lead, and help students learn how to teach. “If you can teach it, you really know the information.” 


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