There Ain’t No Party Like A Grandpa Party!

Today was my grandpa’s birthday and the party that we have been preparing for the last 2 weeks for finally happened! I had started to attempt to vlog this post, but it wasn’t working out well. 

It’s great to see something you’ve been planning for a while finally come together.

There were supposedly 65 people at this 70s themed party, and as usual it was a big success! There was a band playing and lots of great food. One of the best parts of the party was how everyone dressed up in costume! (Well, lots of people anyway.) 


(Here some pictures of my family in costume.) 

My grandpa is constant reminder that age doesn’t really mean a whole lot. Who says that you have to stop having birthday parties when you get older? It’s the day you were born! That’s a pretty important day! 

Plus, having fun is pretty important too! Going crazy with friends and family every now in then is just needed. And as I like to call the improv rule of life, “If you’re going to do something, go all out!” If you are going to have a themed party, dress up! If you are a mathematician, such as my grandpa, have a nerdy cake!

Amy and I designed his cake, and besides the 2 mistakes that were made in pi, the cake turned out really cool! 


(Sui generis is latin for “unique”.) 

You’re never to old to have a great time!  




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