Seemingly Difficult Accomplishments: Kidnapping


Today was great! Tomorrow is orientation day at school, so for me, today feels like the last day of summer. Therefore, some of my closest friends and I wanted to do something special. We knew we all wanted to get together, but we didn’t know what to do and it was getting closer and closer to Monday. 

Finally Marz, Dana, and I decided to plan a surprise party for everyone.

We like to call it “kidnapping” because Dana use to be the only one that could drive (she is going to college next week), so when we went with her after school or something, we would say she was “kidnapping freshman”. Then, one Friday night during the school year, Dana and I were hanging out, but didn’t know what to do. We decided to drive to Sam, and the Marz’s house and just tell them to come outside, and then we were planning on taking them with us to go get frozen yogurt.We were also wearing black cloaks and it was dark out which helped with the overall effect.

Surprisingly, their parents let them come, and it was a ton of fun, but then other friends got jealous that they weren’t kidnapped because they heard how much fun it sounded like. Therefore, we took this opportunity of the last day of summer to try something crazy: to kidnap everyone and then take them to the park by Sam’s house to play games and hang out. 

I was in Ohio, so first I had to get Kat’s little sister to look in the directory and text me the emails for all of the parents of kids being kidnapped. We also included Marz’s older sister so we had another car to get everyone in one round. I then sent an email to the parents asking for their permission to take their kids, to make sure the kids were at their house on Monday, and to ask for everyone’s addresses. After some intense under cover work, having to get the phone number of a few parents, one person having to know so he could decide between two things to do that day, and a few miscommunications, we got a yes from everyone! 

Today, the plan was put in action and the day ended up being a ton of fun! Many of the kidnapped even went as far to say it was “scary” how much planning we did to accomplish this kidnapping. They were honestly shocked to know that we had been communicating with their parents and family members, and in some cases successfully lying to them in order to make sure no one knew and that it still worked. 

It just goes to show that when you put your mind to something, put in a little effort to figure out details, and get some help from others, you can successfully accomplish seemingly difficult tasks, and make them really fun!

IMG_1872IMG_1875IMG_1877(We all played Twister because Sam and I still haven’t lost to each other still, and it got pretty extreme when it was just down to us as usual. However, we ended at a draw before either of us lost, so we could get Emily from volley ball practice at the school. I guess we have to have yet another rematch.)



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