What’s Your Passion?


At school one of our mottos is “start with questions”. Today being the second day of school, and really the first day actually start to do things, there were a lot of questions. However, asking questions isn’t always the hard part, it is asking good questions that shows difficulties. 

Today during English class someone, possibly Marz, said “It should be, ‘Start with your own questions.” This is entirely different from “Start with questions.” Starting with questions could just mean that a teacher gives you a question and then the students go and answer it. Starting with your own questions actually means you are curious and have something you want to learn.

In ID (Innovation Diploma) today, we also talked a lot about questions and how sometimes we can skip over the obvious questions without pointing them out. We realized today that maybe the question we should be starting with is, “What is ID?” A lot of people responded with something about following your passions.  

Well here is a question I have from after today, “How do we figure out our passions?” School keeps wanting to enforce following passions, and I believe school should be a actual place where we discover our passions. How can we discover our passions? How can mentors help facilitate students to discover passions? What’s the difference between a passion and just a hobby? 


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