Venturing into the Unknown


(I have no idea who said this quote, but I had already picked a title and put that into the search engine for images and found this which I really liked.) 

Today my family was invited to the lake for the day for one of the coaches husband’s birthday. I’m not a big fan of the lake so I spent most of the time on the boat which gave me some thinking time. 

This past half of a week at school was a little rushed and confusing, but there were still some good moments. I’m really enjoying our time in ID (Innovation Diploma) specifically. We haven’t actually done a ton yet. We’ve only actually had 2 classes plus a short advisory time together. However, I’m excited for the possibilities behind what we will do. Our first challenge is to figure out what even is ID. (Don’t ask because I don’t know yet.) 

One thought that came up from the pulled ideas of the week is to have 3 different categories for how we will spend the our time together: iVentures, coVentures, and adVentures. We haven’t discussed it a ton as a group, but hear our some of my thoughts on it.  

The base of the idea is that the word project has too much pressure with it. It gives the impression of school and having some physical thing to turn in for a grade, which isn’t what we want ID to be like. By calling it a venture, it gives the impression of just an idea that we are going to elaborate and dive deeper into, and we will continue to think about it when it is “over”. Venture means “a risky or daring journey”, it is when you capitalize on those whims of an idea to go explore. Some times we may have a venture that leads us to nothing more afterwards, but that’s okay because we still explored it and it will give us a new experience, and we will probably find something out that we didn’t already know. 

The reason for the sub categories for a venture is because they are all slightly different.

A iVenture is more of an individual endeavor which I imagine to be more about personal passion finding. Something I though about today is how a lot of times following your passion doesn’t mean always doing a design thinking challenge. It is really just the discovery phase. As far as I understand passions, they usually fall under some big topic such as music, sports, theater, art, air travel, dance (really this is like a combo of sports and theater, but I thought I would add it), a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), writing, history, etc… I imagine an iVenture to be a time to practice your passion and maybe reach out to experts in your field to learn more about what you love. 

A coVenture would be a group venture with the cohort or maybe small groups at times. To go back to a previous post of mine, I really imagine this type of venture looking similar to “The School of Rock. The group would have one big goal in mind (such as putting on an amazing rock show), and then we could brake up into smaller groups to accomplish parts of the big goal. These smaller ventures would be the time where everyone uses there talents that they practice during iVentures to help contribute to the big goal. Here is where I get curious. Like I said about the iVentures, following your passion doesn’t always mean a DT challenge, so how might we bridge that gap during coVentures? How might we use our passions to a big end goal that also is focused on a human based need? 

We probably won’t know yet what we want the end goal to be, which I think is perfectly reasonable. Today I also thought about how in order to decide on a good end goal, you need to be inspired. But how do you get inspired? I realized that people our often inspired by an experience. So maybe before we can start a big coVenture we need to just go have some experiences together as a cohort. 

The last type of venture (so far) is a adVenture. An adVenture is a venture that is specifically prompted by our mentors. Another advantage of going on ventures is that we don’t have to just constantly work on one venture until it is done. Brainstorming and processing often needs time to just sit in your head and mature for a little. It is okay to take a break from a venture and come back to it later. I imagine adVentures to be those “breaks” that take our mind off of what ever we are working on and throw a new challenge at them to make sure we our on our toes. I imagine them to be like mini DT challenges. 

The cohort definitely has lots to discuss still, but we are also definitely making positive progress. I love the ideas that we are coming up with and can’t wait to discuss more, but I’m also defiantly ready to start doing stuff. At this point in school we are still at the review, figuring out how different teachers are, teachers figuring out who we are, seeing who is in the class, figuring out where to be when, and working out other general stuff mode. Everyone knows this isn’t the fun part of school. The fun part is when we start getting into the material and doing activities. That’s the part I’m ready to start. I’m ready for school to get into a flow again so we can start taking action. 

3 thoughts on “Venturing into the Unknown

  1. What a great post! I like how you both summarized what we’ve been talking about and adding your own thoughts! When we asked you the question “how are you making your thinking visible,” this is your answer! I’m going to “yes and” your post. The iVentures are moments where you do get to follow passion and work on what you want to explore. How migh we make those ventures not feel so isolated? How might we work as a team to help each other reach our fullest potential? Maybe this can spark some ideas: …what thoughts do you have?

    1. I’m curious if by “making the ventures not feel so isolated” if you originally meant making an iVenture not feel so individual, or if you meant mixing the types of ventures?

      I was thinking though, what if we also had a triVenture (or some other name maybe)? Mentor prompted times when students got paired up and had to find a way to mix their iVentures. For example maybe you have a person interested in music, a person interested in art, and a person interested in video design. The group could create a video with hand drawn pictures and an instrumental score, or they could design costumes or a set for a music show that has interesting special effects (totally thinking of “School of Rock” as usual), or they could come up with something totally different. This would encourage members of the group to learn about other peoples passions as well, and it would give each student new experiences that may inspire new passions. It would also help create a way for students to show off their different passions that they have been developing during iVentures.

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