So Many Journals



(The latest addition to observation journals.)

Today I realized that I have a lot of “observation notebooks and journals.” I have my own notebook, then one from nerd camp, then one for ID, then ones for classes. Why is it that we have so many different separate journals? Isn’t one of the things we are suppose to be observing (if you can really have observations you are suppose to observe) is how life all mixes together; how these boxes and boundaries set up by humans can be broken down? What if teachers collaborated so that students had one observation journal that we used for multiple classes? What if we bridged the gap between classes by bringing them together through our daily observations? 

I would love a place to keep everything together. I don’t particularly enjoy the idea of having multiple places to right down odd, sporadic thoughts, because then they become less of a spontaneous thing, and it is harder to keep track of. 



2 thoughts on “So Many Journals

  1. Anya,

    I appreciate your reflection here. To be clear — the MVIFI moleskin is not a “class notebook.” It was a gift to the members of our start-up. If you don’t use it now or ever, that’s fine. If you want to record in one place, then why don’t you do that? What’s stopping you? Why not propose that to your faculty? Why “wait” for them to come up with the idea and the collaboration?

    I think Innovation Diploma should cause us to re-examine some assumptions. If there is an assumption that the MVIFI moleskin is a required place to write, then let me disavow that assumption. I, too, am given LOTS of moleskins. I use ONE. Then, when it is full, I have another in the stash.

    You should make your observation routine work for YOU. At the same time, you are a part of a team — the Cohort. So we, of course, also must consider where we can pool and collect our observations. That’s the purpose of the initial digital resource we launched Tuesday. If you want to innovate that — there’s nothing stopping you but a need to collaborate and consider adjustment cost with others’ ideas, too.

    Mr. A

    CC: @MeghanCureton

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